Auto restart of VMG3925-B10B

Nedad Posts: 2  Freshman Member
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Hi there,

How can I make my router make a auto restart?

I can't find a menu where I can make this.

I have read about make a telnet to my router, and when I log in as "admin" i get this error "reboot: Operation not permitted" when I send this message reboot.

My admin user can make a reboot on the web interface.



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  • Ansa
    Ansa Posts: 44  Freshman Member
    Hi Nedad,

    it seems there is no such function to do the auto restart, maybe you could share more why you need this?

  • Nedad
    Nedad Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    Hi Ansa, 

    After some days (3-4) days of running my WiFi devices can't get a connection. Then I restart my router and then everything is working again. So I wanted to create a marco that can telnet a reboot of the router. 

    I think that I will create a windows macro that can open a webform, log in and reboot it.

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