VMG8823 - increase number of "static DHCP" entries: is it possibile ?

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HI all, I'm using a VMG8823-B50B given me by Wind/Infostrada. I'm used to assign to a lot of devices a predefined IP using the "address reservation" (static dhcp) in order to control them (eg: presence detection). Using this ZyXEL device it seems that it is possible to reserve only 8 IP.
Is it correct? Is there e method/update to increase the size of this table ?
Thank you very much

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  • Ansa
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    Yes, currently, there are 8 IP addresses that could be configured.
    Can you share how many IPs that you need or other devices supported?
  • Fulvietto
    Fulvietto Posts: 4  Freshman Member
    Thanks for the answer and sorry for my delay (i must have lost the notification mail).
    I've in use a lot of device but I think that an extension to handle 20 MAC-IP association could be enough.
    Thanks again
  • Fulvietto
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    Hi all, does anyone know how to increase it ? thx f
  • basxas
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    I have a possible solution that you'll not like. (i will describe the process for mine VMG1312-B10D)
    Try this:
    1) download a backup of your configuration settings.
    2) look for the Static DHCP lines in the file you downloaded. (maybe search for "StaticAddress").
    3) add manually some more Static addresses.
    4)try to upload. In case that you get an error like "Configuration uploading failed. The selected file contains an illegal Configuration setting." Roll back to the previous available firmware and repeat step 4 till you trick a not that well made firmware version.
    5)you can upgrade again and cross fingers...

    *this method works for me with other "invalided" settings.

    If that will work for you please let us know.

  • Fulvietto
    Fulvietto Posts: 4  Freshman Member
    I've figured out this way myself, but really i don't like to break the fw or use an older version just to have some static IP che will be very hard to manage.

    Hope that Zyxel fix this and release a fw version with extended table.
    In the meanwhile I'll use another device as DHCP server.
    Thanks anyway for the hint.
  • Zyxel_Kelly
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    Thanks for your ideas in VMG8823-B50B and we will evaluate it. 
  • Paolo
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    Any update on this topic?
    I am really interested too, with at least 20 IOT devices that need static DHCP address 

    Many thanks
  • GiovanniM
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  • NeAl
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    It should be possible with the latest firmware (5.13(ABEJ.4)C0 -- see release notes).
    Too bad it seems Infostrada is not interested in this device anymore, and I highly doubt they will ever commission / release any new firmware upgrade.

    Also, they just started supplying the new VMG8825.

  • YeK
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    Hi NeAl,

    Did you forward this request to your ISP? I think it might have customized fw on your VMG8823, so 5.13(ABEJ.4)C0 cannot be used for you. 

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