WRE6606 Wifi password help?

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Hi there! I am setting this up and am able to detect the Wifi network. However, the provided password (1234) cannot be used to login to the network because it requires 8 characters. Please help!!!!


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    Did you try to reset the device?

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    I think you mix WebGUI login password and WiFi password together.

    You can use the default WebGUI password which is 1234 to login the WebGUI of WRE6606.
    If you can't login the WebGUI with the default password, you could try to reset the device to factory default settings but you will lose all the settings and need to configure the device again.

    You can refer to the User Guide of WRE6606 if you don't know how to login the WebGUI. You can download the User Guide from this link: WRE6606 User Guide.

    After you login the WebGUI successfully, you can go to Network > Wireless LAN 2.4G/5G > General page to find WiFi password.

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