VOIP Phone receiving ghost calls.

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I am hoping someone here can help me. I have a ZyXel router modem model # VMG4381.B10A provided by Cincinnati Bell for Fioptic internet service. My phone system is a VOIP system by 8x8. Since Cincinnati Bell installed the  ZyXel modem router I am receiving "ghost calls" constantly. I spent a couple of days on the phone with 8x8. The VOIP phone is plug-n play and configured properly. I then spoke with Cincy Bell who tried a number of things which did not work. They said a bridge was needed however they no longer bridge modems.  So I'm stuck and the constant calls are driving me crazy.  I did not have this issue with TWC cable mo dem. Can anyone here help or point me in the right direction?


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     "ghost calls" ??
    Do you mean the phone rings but no voice after off hook?
    Or the phone just ring several times then end before you pick it up?

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