Access to USB HPv210w flash drive on Router Zyxel vmg8924-b10a

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Hi Everyone,
Changed ISP and I now have the Zyxel vmg8924-b10a Router installed and working fine.
I have a flash drive in USB port 1 on the router, I can view the files on the drive on any Smart TV so that works fine.  The problem I have is I have to unplug the Flash drive to load the files on to it as I cannot find out what the path is to make a shortcut so I can access it and load the files directly from my PC.
My last router displayed the share path but I have tried both paths shown in the picture but they don't work, I am not that sure what to do in this area so any help would be appreciated.

Tried these             /mnt/usb1_1                   /mnt/usb1_1/Movie & TV Series


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  • riggie
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    I have sorted it, I Mapped the drive using  the " Name " of the share in the  " Share directory List " I called it " Movie & TV Series"
    so the path  is            \\\Movie & TV Series
    I can now drag & drop files straight in .............. but as usual very slow transfer rate. 

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    I noticed you use "File Sharing" to share videos.
    Maybe you can try "Media Server" to share videos.
    I didn't use "File Sharing", but I use "Media Server" and a 1000kbps data rate video could play smoothly on my PC with Media Player.
  • riggie
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    Cheers SEJ,  will give that a go soon.  The reason I drop files into the USB drive is that when I switch off the PC, I can still access a few files on my TV downstairs, which makes it very handy.

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