Weird problem with VMG8823

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Hello, I recently received from my ISP a VMG8823 router. When I plugged it it was connecting finely but after few minutes it lost connection and the WWW led turned red. I tried to unplug it from the DSL signal just for connecting to the router but even if the connection is displayed on my computer it doesn't let me access to it. If I turn it off and then on I can access to it for a brief time, then it doesn't allow me to connect to it anymore. I already tried to reset it but it didn't change much (it only works whenever the router is still funcionating then it looks like it's off). I didn't find any other similar issue on google so I deceided to ask here if there is any fix for this or it's just the router broken. Thanks.


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  • Rory
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    Did you try to reset the device?
    What's the complete model name and firmware version?

  • Giangian
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    Unfortunately doing the reset procedure is impossible since the router once it goes in that status I described doesn't get any input. VMG8823-B50b is the complete model of the router and the firmware must be one custom installed by my ISP (Infostrada). I can't tell you any futher detail since I already said in my previous post that I can't access the router by LAN or WIFI even if I see the net from my computer.
  • Olok
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    You can find the hardware reset button on your device.

  • Giangian
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    Have you even read the past posts? Please don't answer if you don't know what's the issue, thanks :smile:
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    Hardware reset button can still reset the router to factory default even if you can't access the router.
    If still has problem after reset to default, maybe you need to check with the ISP.

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