Is it posible for Zyxel Anti Spam to strip out the body of an email?

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I have three cases where we receive an email from a particular external email account - but the body of the email is missing.
The clients email provider blames our Anti Virus / Spam?  Yet all we do is "Forward with tag" for all anti spam emails.  And these "blank" emails have no such tags in their headers?

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  • Johan
    Johan Posts: 26  Freshman Member
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    Could you temporarily disable the anti-spam to check if the issue disappears? Then we can confirm if it is the Anti-Spam function that causes it or not & proceed from there.
  • CHS
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    Anti-Spam function seems not support for encrypted mail.
  • Zyxel_Charlie
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    Thanks @Johan
    Hello Chris,
    Please do the test disable the anti-spam to check if the issue disappears? so we can know is the Anti-Spam that causes this issue or not.

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