Bricked AMG1302 after firmware update

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I updated my AMG1302-T10B firmware to the latest version (as of today, firmware dated Dec 2017.) I've done this process successfully in the past. The update seemed to work ok, with the new firmware version number appearing in the admin settings page. However, a couple of seconds later the router reset itself, and is now stuck in a state where it continually resets every few seconds. During the reset loop the DSL, power and 4x Ethernet lights come on for a second, off for a second, then off for a couple of seconds and then the loop restarts. So not long enough to try to log in.

I tried a factory reset but nothing happens. Powering the unit on with the reset button pressed causes the power LED to stay on but red.

Is there a way to backdoor in to reflash the firmware or force it to reset to the original firmware?

Many thanks


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