Zyxel SBG3500 Backup configuration

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Hi All,
Can someone please advise on a situation I have.
I have two Fibre Broadband services in my home office. Virgin Media Fibre for family and a Business FTTC service for my office.
I have a Zyxel SBG3500 for the business and a Superhub for home devices.
I want to provide automatic failover for my business service onto Virgin.
Can i configure my Zyxel to automatically failover to the virgin router - in effect, the zyxel will hopefully just then work as pass through like a switch.
I have lots of home service (playstation, wifi, tv) all connected to the Virgin service and want that to remain so.

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    Do you mean you want to do failover between SBG3500( FTTC service) and virgin router(Virgin Media Fibre)?If so , I think SBG cannot do that.

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