NBG-418N v2 loses time settings.

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I have recently purchased an

NBG-418N v2

Firmware Version : V1.00(AARP.9)C0

I want it to stop broadcasting wireless signal between 08:00-18.00 hours. There is a scheduling option for this. But when I turn the access point off, all time settings are lost. Everything goes back to January 1, 1970. So, I cannot schedule the device.

Below is the related option page. I copied my computer's time settings and you are seeing that. When I turn off the device at night, the device loses time setting but other settings are kept.

What should I do to make it remember the time setting?


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  • Zyxel_Sally
    Zyxel_Sally Posts: 32  Zyxel Employee
    Many thanks for your detail to describe this situation you have.
    At AP mode, now not support NTP time sync fnction.
    I might suggest you use router mode instead of AP mode in order to reach your goal.
    Router mode support NTP server, and then the Wi-Fi scheduling could be work at your place.
    Thanks for your experience sharing let us know the enhancment.
  • Lektem
    Lektem Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    Thanks for the reply. However, how will I change the set up when I switch to Router mode? I have just tried it and my PC has lost internet connection.

    This is my current setup:
    I use a cable modem. Data cable is connected to the cable modem.
    This cable modem is connected to Zyxel via an Ethernet cable.
    Another Ethernet cable goes out from Zyxel goes in to my PC's Ethernet card.

    When I switch to Router mode, what should I change to have Internet connection with my PC?
    (I use wireless connection with my tablet and notebook.)
  • Zyxel_Sally
    Zyxel_Sally Posts: 32  Zyxel Employee
    Thanks for your information, you might setup your NBG418Nv2 by follwoing step.
    1. Disconnect the data cable from cable modam.
    2. Push NBG418N v2 WPS/Reset button over 10 secs.
    3. When NBG418N v2 boot up success, connect data cable to NBG418N WAN port[Blue port] and PC to LAN port[Yellow port]
    4. Login NBG418Nv2 with default IP and setting Wi-Fi schedule.
       NBG418N v2 will assign a NTP server by default, so the time wiill be sync when NBG418N v2 connect to cable modem.
    Softly remind: If you cannot login NBG418N v2 with, please help to use [Tou might check this information via Network Connection Details.
                   Since NG418Nv2 will change LAN IP to if IP confilc with cable modem.
  • Sergey Kofanov
    Sergey Kofanov Posts: 3  Freshman Member
    You can make the router work in Router mode in the same way like it does in the Access Point mode if you connect the internet modem cable into one of router's LAN ports (leaving the WAN port free) and switch the router's DNS server off.

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