PLA-5456 and 2nd Wireless Router

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My apology as I’m sure this question has been answered before but I can’t find it.

I have a PLA-5456 set, and in the secondary room where I’m receiving the signal I actually need to connect to a wireless device (a security camera).  To do this do I just need to plug in a secondary wireless router into the Ethernet port?  I read somewhere that it might not broadcast my same network, but it seems like it would.  I also read something about a bridge mode but wasn’t sure if that was applicable.  Any guidance out there is appreciated.  Thank you!


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    Hi @YSL,  
    There are the same topologies, but with different mode on the wifi router:
    1. Wi-Fi router is router mode
    Internet----Modem( line======PLA5456-----(WAN: router(LAN: ))))) Client(mobile)

    2. Wi-Fi router is ap mode.
    Internet----Modem( line======PLA5456-----(WAN: router ))))) Client(mobile)

    Note, the IP address is the example.

    PLA5456 can bridge your network in the same subnet, but if your router doesn't support AP(Bridge) mode, and provide DHCP IP to client, then you will get a new subnet (192.168.2.x) under original network (192.168.1.x). 
    Therefore, if you want suffice your requirement, make sure your wi-fi router is supported AP(bridge) mode first.
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    Thank you Ijnsri!  I’ll look at my router and then go from there!
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    Has anyone sampled the various product mentioned here, and can they tell which one is the best?
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    I think it's depend on your usage and requirement.
  • Aloise Harvey
    Most of the routers have dual-band or tri-band technologies. Most of them are not seamless in moving you from 1 band to the other. This can cause connection problems since if you are connected to the 5GHz band, the range is short and it can not easily penetrate walls. 2.4GHz band however has a longer range but is slower as compared to the 5GHz band. In some routers, the login details for the bands are the same and thus can use the latest technologies to move you from one band if it becomes clogged to another.
    You can also consider the best router for long-range connection to ensure you are connected wherever you are:

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