VMG1312-B10D upgrade to 5.13

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I was using a 5.11 version of the firmware of this device and was using dslstats to get the connection data via xdslctl  info --stats via telnet.

Since the upgrade i have noticed this has stopped working and when i telnet instead of busybox i am now greeted with ZySh> and a very limited commands.

Is there any way to get dslstats working again so i can use the same xdslctl command?


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  • anoggin
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    I have the same problem. xdslctl has been removed from the command-line interface and there appears to be no alternative way to obtain stats.  

    I see nothing in the firmware release notes that warned of this change.
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    It seems like it was put back in during 5.13 (AAXA.8)b1, see below:

    "Modifications in V5.13(AAXA.8)b1
    Based on V5.13(AAXA.
    7 C0 to release V5.13(AAXA. 8 b1
    [Feature Modification]
    1. Update WWAN 3G package v1.18.
    2. Support zycli reboot command.
    3. New factory maintenance mechanism.
    4. [eits #180200740] Support ROM-D backup.
    5. [GUI] New GUI 2.0 design.
    6. [GUI] Add warning message for remote syslog.
    7. [eits #180100438] Support xdslctl command.
    8. [eits #180200587] Concurrent bridge and routing."

    Kind regards, Tony

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