Problem with ZyXel Keenetic Viva

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Hello guys, I have a problem with speed through router

I have 100Mb/s connection white IP, using directly in the PC I have ~90Mb/s, but if through router speed is very low, 20Mb/s download and 1Mb/s upload

I had a similar problem with another router, another vendor, there everything was decided by forced installation on the Wan port of 100Mb/s duplex mode, because in automatic mode, the speed was just 20Mb/s, after these manipulations the speed was the same as for a direct connection

But, in this firmware I did not find the possibility of forced port switching (to100Mb/s duplex mode) i.e. is it a hardware problem or software?

I hope for help from your side dear forum users

forgive me for my english

ZyXel Keenetic Viva
software v2.08(AANT.4)C2


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