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I have a SBG-3500-N with the most recent firmware. This is connected on a bonding VDSL line from the dutch provider xs4all.

Xs4all deliveres their triple play services through VLANS and uses VLAN 6 for internet and VLAN 4 for IPTV (VOIP is not relevant).

I can get the internet working without any issues. However the TV on VLAN 4 i can't get to bridge to a LAN port.

I have tried creating a additional WAN interface with VLAN 4 tagged and then creating a LAN VLAN 4 tagged and untagged (i tried both) to LAN port 4.

Nothing what i try will result in the TV settopbox getting a valid IP address from the IPTV platform on VLAN 4.

I wondering what i am missing here because i have had this working with different hardware in the past. Unfortunately this zyxel is one of the few that supports bonding so i would like to get it working on this.

Any input/help would be greatly appreciated.



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    As your scenario,
    It seems the SBG3500 does not support  triple play services......
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    Well it does work with the additional WAN interface setup as bridge on the right VLAN. I get to watch tv when i plug the Settopbox into the zyxel WAN port.

    Now what doesn't work is to confine the vlan 4 (because this is heavy multicast) to one  LAN port and transfer the traffic to the next switch.

    I have tried creating a LAN interface group for vlan 4 and set for example port 4 to tagged. Then on the next switch zyxel port 4 is connected to port 2 for example. Set that port to tag vlan 4.
    Then create a access port untagged to connect the STB to in this example port 8.

    But i don't get a IP from the IPTV platform. But the TV signal including all functionality like live pausing recording etc. is working when a STB is connected straight to the SBG.

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