4 ZyXEL PLA4201 not working

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I have 4 of these, non of them works. Havent used them for some time, and now I decided to try em out agian, but no dice.
I have reseted etc, 5-8 sec, and 1-3 sec and so on, but they wont power up. No lights, no nothing.
Have I missed something or is this just junk? Hardly used them, are they that fragile? #Annoyed


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    For me, the PLA device might easy to use with encryption button as press and hold 1~3 seconds pair, then  5~8 seconds leave, 10~13 seconds reset without utility.
    And for your case, even you replug the device to power socket, and the power LED is still not working?
    If that so, I think the device might has been broken, but if the power is working, that I recommand you to do reset by press encrypt/reset button and hold over 11 seconds, then do again pair with press and hold encryption button 1~3 seconds.
    Besides, you can also use utility to set the device pair, here is utility tool from Zyxel official FTP:

    Hope this can help you to solve the problem.

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