Multy remote management?

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Am I able to use the app to manage my home network remotely? Like if I'm at work I can login via the app and change settings etc...
If not, that's something you should consider. After all, your competitors have this possibility.
I think the Multy Pro can do this, but this is not available to buy for regular people, right? Seems it's made for ISP's to offer their customers only?
Also you should really consider offering the possibility to wall mount. My ideal spots for placing the units so not have shelfs, tables or anywhere I can put this on. Maybe make a simple wall mounting set you can sell separately that'll fit these units?

I will soon get fiber connection to the house and I'm going to rebuild my network from the ground up. I'm also considering Ubiquiti Unifi, which has everything I want but requires far more work with Ethernet cables and all of that.
The Multy looks promising, very similar to other mesh systems, but Orbi, Lyra etc seems to have big problems with internet dropping out and satellites losing connection. If Multy proves to be more stable it's a far better option.


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    Welcome to Home Forum, hope you will have a great time with us! :)

    Multy X support to register an account on myZyxelCloud for better supports and services.
    With a registered account, the configurations are saved in both your mobile device and myZyxelCloud. You can manage Multy X units from any of your mobile devices with the same account.  B)
    Currently, Multy Pro is offer to service providers,
    so the remote management technology is different with Multy X.

    The wall mount suggestion sounds great, 
    we will evaluate it for future products.
    Thanks for join us! o:)

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    Thank you for choosing Multy X and please kindly see below answer. :)

    - Multy X app is based on cloud, you can remote control everything on your Multy X WiFi System via Multy X app if your mobile device is able to access Internet.  

    - LAN static IP client, that it can only static (reserve) the IP from DHCP server offer to client, and manager cannot set the special IP to client.

    - Due to the antenna design, we recommend user to place Multy X on the desktop or table to get the optimal performance.

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  • Ztevie
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    Thanks for a quick reply!
    So with Multy X I can for example block a user, change password and do everything remotely from anywhere, as long as I use a myZyxelCloud account? No difference from what the app can do when connected to the LAN at home?

    Can I freely choose any static ip I like for each device? Or can I only choose "use this ip as static for this device" checkbox?

    I found the answer for the below question in your FAQ, apparently the signal is stronger horizontally so a wall mounted unit will have weaker signal to the sides...
    Edit: another one popped up: How is the range of WiFi signal directed from the antennas? For example, if it sits flat on a shelf it will have stronger signal horizontally to reach longer but not so much upwards/downwards? And if you wall mount the signal will be more directed up/down?
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