VMG3925-B10B and usb thumb drive

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Hello. My router is Zyxel VMG3925-B10B. I'm trying to access a thumb drive, which I connected to the usb-port of my router, from Windows 10. I can see the thumb drive and its contents on the configuration page when I access it in my internet browser. However I can not access it from Windows 10. I would like to add this thumb drive as a net drive from Windows. How the **** do I make this work?

I have enable File Sharing Services. I have also created a new share and it's directory is as seen in the picture. This problem is driving me insane.



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    I finally succeeded to add the network drive. I can now access the drive from any device on my local area network.

    However, now I have another question. Can I make this thumb drive accessible from the internet? Do I have to forward a port?
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    Hi Clowningman,

    I think it’s impossible because all devices should be in same network. You can refer to VMG3925 user guide page188.


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    Okay so is there no way to go around this? For example, forward a port on my router and then access it through FTP or something?

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