Power line adaptor for 90 meters.

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Hi, i have an out building with a 90 meter 240v 6mm SWA cable running to this area. Will a power line adaptor work at this distance & if so which one.

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    Hello @collectors

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    The characteristics of all PLA products is handling the signal of digital and electrical transfer, then the electrical signal is transferred through power line to each other.  
    However, power line environment also has many noise from other electronics products, such as microwave, heater, air conditioner or halogen...etc.
    Therefore the throughput would be affected by noise as depends on your real environment.

    We can share test result of PLA5456 with 100 meters distance for you reference.
    In our test house, PLA5456 can get throughput around 300 Mbps.

    I hope these information has been helpful. :)

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