Can I use NBG6604 with VDSL link?

Dandare Posts: 1  Freshman Member
Can I use my NBG6604 with a VDSL link? The link upload & download is only 50Mbit/s, way less than the modem should be able to handle. The operator offers for instance ZyXEL VMG3312-T20A but i don't want to buy a new modem unless I need it.



  • Zyxel_Sally
    Zyxel_Sally Posts: 32  Zyxel Employee
    Welcome to Zyxel Home Forum. 
    Due to NBG6604 does not support VDSL link, it support ethernet WAN port.

    You might use following scenario to instead your currently network topology : 
     ZyXEL VMG3312-T20A(LAN)----(wan)NBG6604

    If you have other concern, let's feel free to discuss. 

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