VMG4825-B10A need firmware update

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i bought this router on Amazon to replace router provided by Centurylink so I do not have to pay lease fee every month.  On a review on Amazon, someone stated they updated the firmware by downloading on computer and then uploading to router.
I have not been able to get my internet connected and hoping this will solve my problem.

thank you


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    Hi there

    Not sure if you checked with Centurylink or not?
    If you didn't, I suggest you check with Centurylink for setting the router to the internet.
    The ISP usually has its own remote management system, and sometimes bundled with specific router identification, such as MAC address, for better security or other purpose.
    The router might also need to be set followed the ISP's environment, PPPoE, VLAN or something else.
    So, I think your ISP should be the right one to help you access internet.
    For the firmware upgrade, yes, if you replaced ISP's router by your own router, you could upgrade the firmware by yourself, and will not be limited by the ISP.
    On the other hand, you might also have some more functions than the ISP's router.
    To me, I only use the ISP's modem to access Internet, then use my own router to have the features I need.

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