LTE3301-M209. Turning off the WI-FI

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I think I already know the answer to this but need to be sure before I purchase. If I turn the WI-FI off will the router basically function as a modem? My intended setup would be to connect this router to my desktop PC via an ethernet cable and access the internet via a PAYG mobile sim. I don't need WI-FI because I only access the internet via my PC.
My guess is Zyxel included a wi-fi on/off button for this purpose?


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    You may push the Wi-Fi button on the rear panel to enable or disable the Wi-Fi function of the LTE3301-M209, or you may disable Wi-Fi function over the web GUI.

    Refer to the following picture.


    After pressing the Wi-Fi button, you can confirm the Wi-Fi status from the front panel.

    If Wi-Fi is disabled, the WLAN LED would be off.

    Refer to the following picture.

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