ZyXEL Armor Z2 (AC2600) Terrible performance.

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I bought myself the AC2600 and i have 400/40 mbit network speed.
Bufferbloat is horrible on this device.
Besides the bufferbloat i can't even reach my network speeds.
It goes up to 400mbit then it drops all the way to 200, upload stays relatively stable between 35-42mbit.
I used my provider wifi-modem before and that one gave me 412mbit constant + 40-42mbit upload constant.

If anyone knows what i need to do with this device because i have the urge to get this back to the store because i doesn't satisfy my needs neither does it reach my network speeds.

I do have some devices over WIFI but they don't require high speed network.
I am a cable guy myself need high performance over cable.


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