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hi, i have a problem with the parental control time scheduling of my ZYXEL VMG8823. For some my kids devices only,  I want to setup a parental control schedule for working days and anotherone for weekend days, but apparently one clash with the other  


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    Hi cesarepaci,

    You can create two parental control profile for your VMG8823, one for working days and the other for weekend days. VNG8823 support a maximum of 20 profile parental control.

    Try to use this in : security -> Parental Control -> Add New PCP

    PCP can define the internet access day and also the authorized access time.

    Hope this information would help you.

  • NVV
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    I want to do the same thing but when I set up the 2 profiles as described, I get NO access on weekends. It is as though the first profile is the only one that is in effect and signifies no access on weekends. I am using a Zyxel VMG4825-B10A.
    Has the method described been tested by Zyxel?  Any other suggestions?

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    Hi NVV

    Not sure how you set the PCP.
    If you set the 2nd profile as Saturday and Sunday 00:00~24:00 as the previous post, it means the internet will be blocked during the whole weekend.
    If you need no restriction during weekend, you may just remove the 2nd profile.  

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