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Hello zyxel forum!

I'm unable to set bandwidth for main wifi pass protected network and for second OPEN wifi network on same router.

Whatever value i set it's not working. Please help

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    Hi zyxelBIH1990,

    For this model, I think it’s not possible to configure wireless bandwidth because there has no field for this setting. You can refer to user’s guide (page87-89). ftp://ftp.zyxel.com/AMG1302-T11C/user_guide/AMG1302-T11C_V3.00.pdf

  • zyxelBIH1990
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    AMG1302-T11C, so, I have xxxxxx.L0 firmware which is apparently "locked" for update by my ISP. There is no update "setting" inside gui. Please, can someone confirm that this model does not allow wifi bandwidth allocation despite there is field inside wifi setting for that?

    Thanks in advance, God Bless!
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    Hi zyxelBIH1990,

    Can you please provide screenshot of this page?
    Do you mean you cannot configure bandwidths? Or downstream/upstream is not correct after configuring it?  

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