PLA5456 Both configuration and firmware utility do not show any devices

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I have 2 devices.
- One connected to same  switch as PC
-   2nd device connected to a printer
-   Both devices communicate with each other
-    I am able to print, so LAN is ok
- Firewall turned off
-    Both the PLA config utility and  the PLA  firmwar update utility do not show the devices on SCAN.
-   They show one MAC address, which is from a  Buffalo PL adapter

Any suggestions ?


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  • Mihawk
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    You can check following items:
    1. How many network interface card in your PC?
    2. Utility part has a item let you choose the interface card, is it the correct one?
    3. Also you can check the HW LED, do both's homeplug LED light?
    4. How about directly connect your PC with one of PLA device.
    5. Disable antivirus/firewall feature, some of protection tool will block homeplug protocol as like Symantec:!viewDetail.action?articleOid=016583&lang=EN

  • statler
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    1  Just a single NW card . The  utility  lists a Buffalo device, which means the SW  recognizes the card
    2  Not applicable
    3   It works, both homeplug devices work , printing via the device is ok
    4   Did not try , but do not expect this is  much different that using an   unmanaged switch.  And the software recognizes a Buffalo device.
    5.  Already disabled  it when trying.

    And another interesting aspect,   Bought this as a replacement for the Buffalo and expected better performance.    It is used for  a streaming audio player    and under    EXACTLY the same conditions   the  audio stops   a few times per song using the ZYXEL (while the PL line LEDs are green)   
    Swapped back with the Buffalo and no problems.   So performance is disappointing as well. 

    The Buffalo is already about 5 years old. 

  • Mihawk
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    I tried driectly to connect NW card to one PLA, then I can see the device, but with other no PLA Ethernet port, then I can't see the device, I think there is somethink special between two PLAs and the utility only can control PLA through PLA port.

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