PLA5456 PowerLine Adapter Multiple Clients Not Working

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I am trying to configure my home network using a Netgear router with 4 total PLA5456 powerline adapters. Originally, I was trying to connect my router via the PLAs to a TV in the opposite corner on a different floor in my house. I was able to get that one working without much issue, however, when I decided to add two more PLAs to my network, the original one decided to stop working, yet the other two decided to work fine. I noticed that when the original PLA started to work, my main PC in my home had an IP conflict (I saw that someone else had this particular issue on here) and then when my PC decided to work, my PLA didn't. I don't believe that my furthest PLA is on the same circuit breaker as my other devices, but I don't understand why it works sometimes and not others, nor the conflict with the IP address on my PC. An additional note is that when I had the IP conflict and I unplugged the master PLA, the IP conflict went away...


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  • jayemtee91
    jayemtee91 Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    Using the configuration tool, I can see all of the devices on my network, just not sure why one isn't working
  • Wiasouda
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    Hi @jayemtee91
    Only the far one has problem? If you swap normal one to far one, does the it still happen?
    Have you reset them and re-pair by press encrypt button, maybe this way can solve the problem?

  • Chris11
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    Any more info on this problem. I'm experiencing the same thing. Can only get one to work but I can see them all as connected. The ones that aren't working have solid green "home" lights

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