Wifi flow and loss of wifi signal

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My problem is that I have huge loss of wifi between wifi 2.4Ghz and wifi 5Ghz and over 5 meters the wifi 5Ghz falls to 1 bar power.
How to fix this problem thank you

Model 4G LTE4506  firmware :

Ps: 2 videos of wifi 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz



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    1. Could you please provide the “download” and “upload” throughput values (Mbps) at “1 meter” and “5 meters”?

    “download x 1 meter”, “download x 5 meters”, “upload x 1 meter”, “upload x 5 meters”


    2. Could you please move the LTE4506 to another room where there is no partition or wall between the LTE4506 and iPad, and test the 5G wifi. Please provide the test results.


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