Unable to access router's web configurator

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I have a AMG1202-T10A router. The router seems to be rejecting connection attempts when I try to access the web configurator by using the IP on the web browser. I have tried disabling the pop-up blocker on the browser as instructed by the user guide. I also tried connecting to the router over the wi-fi and using a LAN cable. I have checked that is the default gateway that my laptop has in its IPCONFIG. The error message I get in the browser says 'website is online but is refusing connection attempts' Could you please help?


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    Hi Kinu,

    1. Which web browser do you use ? You can clean browser history to try again.

    2. You can set static IP address( in your laptop and try to access it again.


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    Unable to access router's web configurator, any help???

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