Windows 10 and wap3205_v3

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Hi Everybody,

I'm just buy and installing 2 wap3205_v3.
The problem is i can't the two because the SSID is the same.
I try to access to the wizard but IE, chrome and Firefox can't access to devices.

I use multiple laptop with Win 10 version 2.
I's somebody here to help me for accessing into devices and must be configure SSID and new password?

Tanks (i use à NAS 320 before 6 years with fully entire satisfaction)



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  • MiMi
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    You might refer my steps to login WAP3205 v3. 
    Since I got similar situation with yours, but I only have Win7 PC
    1. Setup PC with IP, and use lan cable connect to first WAP3205 v3
    2. And login first WAP3205 v3 GUI with default PW 1234.
    3. Change the SSID/Security, apply.
    4. Lan cable connect to 2nd WAP3205 v3, and do configuration again at 2nd one.

  • Mat
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    Tks for answer but i try and (défault after reset) but it's absolutly not reachable!
    I tink this device it's not WINDOWS 10 compatible, instead the supposly compatibilty write in specs definition.

    I'm going to my reseller for cash back.
    It's my first bad exeperience with Zyxel products. Next time i buy another brand.


  • Mat
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    The vendor ask to me it's possible but i do to change my adress IP on windows 10. He explain to my the windows 10 configuration to make this. It's very friendly useless!

    Other brand have not this complexity, but just connect and configure...on windows 10!

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