VMG8924-B10A DNS problem - how to report defect?

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I have a VMG8924-B10A running the latest firmware 1.00(AAKL.21)C0

I want to add a DNS entry for a hostname that contains a "-", but I get an error saying that the hostname is invalid; removing the "-" works fine...but I need the "-"!  I found a report on AAISPs support forum mentioning that there was an open bug in October 2016, and the release notes for FW21 mention a fix for a similar sounding problem in FW16 (early 2017) - so it looks like it may have been fixed then broken again:

[# 28126 ][ ITS #150901124] [VICA#1404707] VMG8324 dashes not allowed

How can I report a defect to tech support?



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    Hi Gary,

    After checking, it's a known issue. We will release new fw to fix it in Sep/2018. You can download new fw via website once solution is released. 

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    Excellent, thanks for the update!

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