I have a C3000z Century Link branded modem and I can not find any info?

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This is a ZYXEL manufactured modem so why is there absolutely NO information about YOUR product on your website ANYWHERE? It is not referenced, if I try to put in a model number or even a serial number I get NOTHING. Even if it is branded and Century link might have some information they do not or are not releasing the full manual for this device. I need the complete manual the 200 or 300 page that tells me everything about this device and not what Century links thinks I should know. The devil is ALWAYS in the details and as a manufacture that is currently producing this product and selling it you need to support it. And please do not refer me to CenturyLink. They DO NOT MAKE THIS DEVICE YOU DO. If I am being denied this information then there is a HIDDEN reason why. C3000Z MODEL number

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    Hello jayram1408
    I can understand your confusion.
    However, I thought it was fully controlled by Centurylink.
    C3000Z should be the customized model only for Centurylink, so Centurylink owns the right.
    Also because it is a customized model, not a retail model, it is unable to be published on global website.
    Is there anything hidden? yes, I guess so.
    For example, ISP normally has a management system to remote manage all their devices.
    ISP might hide the remote management setting from the device's GUI page or even command line interface to avoid user modify the remote management setting, then make the device uncontrollable.
    I know this can't answer your question,  however, this is the situation.
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    I purchased a C3000Z modem new off of Ebay...  Century link helped hook me up but the wifi is weak!  This has no antennas on it and my  Rainbird wifi connects to my wif phone but I have to be close.  I had a Actiontec Q1000 and never had a problem connecting.  If this modem can't connect to the watering wifi, my plants and trees could die.  I have to get closer to the wifi device in order to connect.  This means I have to water my yard manually!!  I paid 150 USD for this modem and the wifi is weak??  PLEASE, DO NOT REFER ME TO CENTURYLINK!  They have NO idea!  Now PLEASE, what can I do or be done to rectify this problem??  PLEASE HELP!  Thank you.  Tom.
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    Hi Tom

    C3000Z supports 11AC 5GHz WIFI, 5GHz WIFI provides more bandwidth, but lower coverage.
    You can try to use 2.4GHz WIFI only for the watering WIFI, it might have more coverage.
    I also checked Actiontec Q1000, it has two 5dBi or even 9dBi external antenna.
    However, C3000Z uses internal antenna.
    Normally, external antenna might has better coverage.


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