NBG-419N v2 bricked after firmware update

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I've got a Zyxel NBG-419N v2 router that has gone bricked after I set it to firmware update.
When it powers on, the power LED turns on, and it looks as if there's activity on the ports. However, the WiFi LED never turns on.

I can't connect to the original IP ( nor the custom IP that it had been assigned before ( I have tried using the reset button on the rear to no avail.

I have of course reset the power multiple times, tried pressing the reset button for +5 seconds multiple times all to no avail.

Any way to restore this router or is it completely gone? :-(



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    Anyone with any feedback on this issue?
  • Zyxel_Sally
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    Thanks for choose Zyxel device.
    Could you try to access NBG with IP Since NBG419Nv2 support Auto IP change, if root router also use as LAN IP, the NBG will change its LAN IP to in order to avoid IP collision.
    You might also find the NBG419Nv2 access IP from following steps.

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    Hi @Zyxel_Sally
    I have tried accessing the NBG on multiple subnets. I managed to reach it on the address, however when I connect it alerts me that a system crash has been detected and that I need to upload a system image.
    When I upload the firmware that I grabbed from the Support-site, then it uploads and writes to flash and then becomes unavailable. However, after waiting several hours, nothing happens. If I reconnect to the address then I can start the process all over again.
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    Which firmware you uploaded?
    Can you try this firmware: V1.00(AACU.7)C0?
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    In order to provide you with a better assistance, 
    We have contacted you via private message to get information. 
    Please check you message box. Thanks. 

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