Web Publishing not shot all Folders/files

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I have a problem with the files/folders that I copy to folder that I have config in WebPublishing.
The web publishing works fine, but not show all folders in web browser.

In my WebPublishing shared folder I have 3 folders with diferents web applications:
- folder "http"
- folder "DokuWiki"
- folder "kanbantool"

In my case, when access with a web browser, only show me 2 of 3 folders.

What can happends ??

Thank you.


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  • Ijnrsi
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    Hi, normally it wouldn't be happened.
    Did you set the folder hidden? Or set the "." at the head of folder name, such as ".http" or ".DokuWiki".
    How about add new folder and move the contect to new one? Would the problem occur?

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