p-660hwp-d1 router not accepting firmware update

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Having had this brand new router sat on my shelf for about 5 years thought it was time to use it, unfortunately the homeplug side won't connect to my existing hp-av network consisting of two TP-link hp-av units and one zyxel pla-4321.
No problem i thought the tplink units did the same but were fine after a firmware update, but no matter what i try i cannot get the router to update it's firmware.
Tried the downloads from both zyxel de and .com ftp sites (no mention of this model on the uk site) and the only non generic error message i can get is when i upload via tftp
this was bought in uk from biggest PC retailer and has a BT compatible sticker on it and works fine with dsl and wireless.
for some reason it thinks the firmware uploaded is for a different model but after triple checking label/existing firmware vs  download ids it is not.
No method will accept the firmware with its existing 340APD2C0.bin filename (causes a -11 write error)but renaming it to ras prior to tftp transfer gives the following error
Any ideas?


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  • Zyxel_Support_CPE
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    Hi mdbarber,

    3.40(AZB.0) is only used for UK region so it means that you cannot use other versions with different naming rule.

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  • Zyxel_Support_CPE
    Zyxel_Support_CPE Posts: 187  Zyxel Employee

    Hi mdbarber,


    Sorry for our late reply. Here are some questions I would like to clarify with you, can you please help to provide it?

    1.       Did you get P660HWP-D1 from your services provider? Or bought it in store?

    2.       Can you provide complete firmware version on your device? Then I can check if it has newer version for your device or not.

  • mdbarber
    mdbarber Posts: 8  Freshman Member
    Hi that was close i was about to bin this in anger!

    1. it was bought in store retail
    2. the existing firmware installed on the modem is  3.40(AZB.0) dated 20/7/2007
          the updated firmware i obtained is marked            3.40(APD.2 C0) dated 28/11/2007

    but the modem denies the firmware is for that model despite your com and de ftp sites saying it is, it is not complaining about version numbers...

  • mdbarber
    mdbarber Posts: 8  Freshman Member
    Thank you the newer version sent by pm went on no problem,
    Unfortunately it did not cure the strange fault with the powerline problem but at least i now know it is probably faulty and can bin it.
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