Can't Access the WEB GUI on the NBG6816 router

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I tried to update the firmware on my NBG6816 to the latest version V1.00(AAWB.10)C  I was on version V1.00(AAWB.6)C.  It looked like it was trying to do something - then after a 10 - 15 seconds the GUI just disappeared and I can't access the WEB GUI any longer.  I can get out on the net.  Everything goes through the router including my TV and phone.  Can anyone please help?


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    Do you use to access NBG6816 WEB GUI?
    NBG6816 is supported Auto-IP Change, please check the IP address of client devices.
    If the IP address of client devices are 10.0.0.X, please try to use to access NBG6816 WEB GUI.
    Or you can try this way to reset NBG6816.
    1. Power off NBG6816.
    2. Press and hold the reset button at the back of NBG6816, then power on NBG6816.
    3. Waiting for more than 3 seconds, then release HW reset button that you press and hold.

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