Help with “logs and reports” Please help. Sorry if this is repetitively asked...

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First thing, again, I want to apologize for my lack of knowledge, when it comes to my VMG4325-B10A!  :s  <3

I am am curious how I view the logs/sites visited etc  as I could on my Lynksy,  I’m very unfamiliar with Zyxel.  

Anyone mind taking a few to put it in “for dummies” terms???!!! :#  I’d be forever grateful!!! I’m a single mother of two preteen kids that I monitor the best of my ability's. I’ve already blocked a vast list of well-known sites but as we all know there are new and XXX/NSFW sites popping up constantly.  

also any thing to speed it up, monitor it properly, maintain safety.  .  .   I’ve tried reading the manual but I just get lost in words I hardly understand. o:)  B)

Thanks again!!!!!!



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  • SEJ
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    Hi there

    I have a similar model on hand, but I can't find a function like that.
    If you can find this feature either, it might not support on this model.

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