Can't connect the router to a WiFi-repeater

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I have just received a Zyxel VMG8324-b10A internet modem from my provider (my previous modem broke some days ago). I tried to connect this Zyxel modem with a Wifi repeater (Dymond 2.4g) but without success: the repeater can't add this new modem in the list of Wifi networks in the surroundings, nor connect with WPS. Please note that I had no problem at all with the previouse modem.
Can anyone help me, pls?


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    Hi Zenea0609,

    I can add Zyxel WRE6505 to VMG8324-B10A without problem. May I know which modem you used before ? Is it also a Zyxel modem or not?

    Have you tried to connect the repeater via ethernet cable ? Is it also fail ?

    And please provide your firmware version, thanks !

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