How to configure 2 PVC on same port with and without vlan , while having 1 ethernet port for egress

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Hi All, 
 I am using DSLAM IES-1000 and model: AAM1212-51/IES-612 DSLAM, where I m trying to do the following configuration: 

CPE -------0/33-- and 0/37 with vlan2-------------DSLAM --------SW -----PC1 and PC2 

where I am configuring 0/33 and 0/37 with VLAN2  PVCs on my CPE and DSLAM i configured 0/33 pvc with PVID1 and 0/37 as super channel,  static vlan default without tagging and vlan2 with tagging is configured, if I apply vlan port mapping for default 0/33 pvc works , if I apply PVID 2 0/37 pvc work, I want to have both PVCs working at the same time. 
   Here I am just trying configure and connect 2 PVCs at time and send traffic. 


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