How to establish VPN Tunnel?

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1.      Check WAN/LAN status(up) and IP address

(Please make sure the SBG can communication with USG)

2.     「Add New Entry」


3.     Check the “Enable” box for IPSec VPNàFill up the “Connection Name”àChoose “Application Scenario”àMy address “ETHWAN”àPrimary Peer Gateway Address(USG WAN IP Address)

4.    Setting Pre-Shared Key(The pre-shared must be the same with each other)

5.    At the process pre-shared key, phase1&2, all setting should be same with each other!

Phase1: Negotiation Mode(Main)àEncryption(3DES)àAuthentication(MD5)àKey Group(DH2)

6.  Phase2: Tunnel Mode(ESP)àEncapsulation(Tunnel)àEncryption(3DES)àAuthentication(MD5)

7.      Policy: Setting the Local IP(SBG LAN)/Remote IP(USG WAN)

Note: The Local IP Address must different with Remote IP Address

8.      After the setting done, please verify the “Entry” enable and the SBG will take a while to establish the VPN Tunnel with USG

9.      You can also check the VPN Tunnel status by Monitor and the status page