Wireless band 5GHZ disappeared (Zyxel VMG8823)

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Hi all! I have got a Zyxel VMG8823. I tried to configurate the 5Ghz Band but i am UNABLE to do it.

When i try to switch from 2.4Ghz band to 5Ghz band...I just cannot do it. I tried with another browser, even with mobile browser. I've already done Factory Reset, from Setting page and from the tiny button behind the modem, but still the issues remains.

On my Zyxel, i don't see the 5GHZ led on. I just see the 2,4Ghz led on.

How can i solve this?


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    AAAAL Posts: 125  Ally Member

    Hi Zakard,

    Confirmed my VMG8823-B50B, I can see and configure wireless 2.4G and 5G without problem. My firmware version is V5.13(ABJF.1)C1, how about yous ?

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