can I configure QOS in GS1900 for multicast streams?

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Hi, I need to give higher priority to multicast strams in GS-1900, how should mange the switch?
Appriciate any help


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  • Zyxel_Ryan
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    Hi @kevin,

    You can use QoS setting on GS1900 with following steps. 

    1. Access the Switch via WebGUI.
    2. Go to Configuration -> QoS -> General and choose the specific port (The port connected with stream server) to configure CoS Value to the priority you want. (Don't recommend to configure the highest priority 7 because priority 7 packet is usually reserved for the system packet.)
    3. Go to Configuration -> QoS -> Trust Mode -> Port to configure port mode "Trust" on the port connected to stream server.

    Then your stream should be set priority.