Wireless bridge connection speed problem

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Hi, I have configured a wireless bridge connection between two rooms in my house using a Zyxel WAP3205 v2 AP and a Zyxel WRE2205 range extender. Both devices are WiFi n capable, so in perfect conditions the wireless connection between them would work at 300 Mbps. Both devices have FastEthernet connections, so really the maximum speed between one device attached to the AP and another attached to the range extender would be 100 Mbps, independiently of the WiFi connection speed, wich in theory must be bigger than 100 Mbps.
There are only four meters of distance, including a thin wall between the AP and the range extender, so I was expecting to be able to make transfers at 90-100 Mbps; but I was not able to be over 40 Mbps.

Finally I have made this test: I put phisically together the AP and the range extender, I disabled all WiFi devices in the house, and I connect the two systems used in the test directly to the FastEthernet ports in each of the two WiFi devices. Using the same test tool and devices I've got a maximum speed between 45-55 Mbps, too far from what it's been expected in this conditions (90-100 Mbps). Can be a configuration problem or a hardware problem? Any idea would be very apreciated. Thanks in advance.

Aditional informartion:
- To avoid any kind of error in the test, I repeated the same tests but without WiFi, connecting each of the same systems to one of the two FastEthernet ports of the Zyxel AP. As expected in this case the speed rise to 90-95 Mbps. Finally I use two ports in a gigabit switch and run the same tests, and I got 600-625 Mbps (That is the maximum speed expected in this case, due to the fact that the test systems used show this storage transfer rates (75-85 MB/s)). Taking this into account I think the problem is restricted to the WiFi connection between the AP and the range extender.
- All tests were made with the tool "LAN Speed Test", and, for each configuration, several transfers of different size files were made.
- The two systems used in the tests were a Fujitsu Esprimo PC with SATA-III HDD (7k2) and a QNAP NAS with SATA-III HDDs (7k2).

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