[NEBULA] Static route on NSG100

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I've got a problem with a client since I configured the second WAN access:

The transfer requests on customer's  bank portal freeze almost systematically.

I've already seen that behavior with some sites, and the solution was to configure a static route on these particulars IPs. Like that:

policy 4


dscp any

destination Destination_Site

next-hop interface wan1_ppp

snat outgoing-interface


How can I do the same on a NSG 100?

This is particulary annoying for our client...

Thanks in advance for your advices,


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     Static Route is on interface addressing page  (but I never tried before...haha.....  :# 

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    Hi   @AEI

    As @Hello_Geek said, we can configure Static Route on NCC, but next-hop should be typed as a IP address, and your NSG should be configured as NAT mode. 

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    Thanks for your replies.

    I'll try this and give you a feedback asap.

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