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Greetings. I have a VMG8924 B10. I want to be able to access my UK ip using VPN. I have been at it for nearly 4 hours now and gotten absolutely no where. I wish for access on an iOS device. Could someone please please explain how it down. I am not familiar with some of the entry titles. I am using a DDNS service.

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    Hi HatManSan,

    I think your model is VMG8924-B10A, right ? If yes, you can set up the VPN connection via the GUI Security page. And there has two VPN protocol you can select. 

    First : Security -> IPSec VPN. 

    Second : Security -> PPTP VPN. 

    According to the description if your UK IP address is a VPN server you want to connect, I think the PPTP VPN will be more suitable for you. For more detail setting and explanation, you can download the user guide for confirmation.

    There is a link to download VMG8924-B10A user guide.

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