Need P-660H-T1 v3s firmware

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Hi, I need a "P-660H-T1 v3s" firmware.
I've already  searched on the zyxel support site but for this modem there aren't any download.



  • YeK
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    Hi leofante,

    What is firmware version of your device now? 
  • leofante
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    I don't know, the previous owner flashed a wrong firmware.
    I can reprogram the flash chip directly
  • Zyxel_Support_CPE
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    Hi leofante,

    May I know where you bought this device? How about status of this device? Can you login to device?

    “the previous owner flashed a wrong firmware.I can reprogram the flash chip directly”. So it means that you change flash by yourself, but there is no fw image currently, right?

  • leofante
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    I didn't bought it, it was given to me hoping I can fix it, I think it was bought in a store several years ago.
    I cannot login in the device via browser.

    Using the serial connector on the board i get this:

    Bootbase Version: VTC_SPI_WR1.10 | 2010/06/23 09:32:52
    RAM: Size = 16384 Kbytes
    DRAM POST: Testing: 16384K
    Found SPI Flash 2MiB Winbond W25Q16 at 0xbfc00000
    SPI Flash Quad Enable
    Turn off Quad Mode

    RAS Version: 3.40(TSC.1)

    Press any key to enter debug mode within 3 seconds.
    Enter Debug Mode
    ======= Debug Command Listing =======
    AT          just answer OK
    ATHE          print help
    ATBAx         change baudrate. 1:38.4k, 2:19.2k, 3:9.6k 4:57.6k 5:115.2k
    ATENx,(y)     set BootExtension Debug Flag (y=password)
    ATSE          show the seed of password generator
    ATRLx         display the 32-bit value of address x
    ATGO(x)       run program at addr x or boot router
    ATGR          boot router
    ATRTw,x,y(,z) RAM test level w, from address x to y (z iterations)
    ATSH          dump manufacturer related data in ROM
    ATTD          download router configuration to PC via XMODEM
    ATUR          upload router firmware to flash ROM
    ATLC          upload router configuration file to flash ROM
    ATXSx         xmodem select: x=0: CRC mode(default); x=1: checksum mode
    ATLD          Upload Configuration File and Default ROM File to Flash
    ATCD          Convert Running ROM File to Default ROM File into Flash


    I've tried ATUR with fimware from similar models but without success

    Starting XMODEM upload (CRC mode)....
    Total  1284608 bytes received.
    Wrong product firmware!!
    Please upgrade the newest firmware version!!


    as mentioned  before I can also program the flash chip directly with a programmer.

    The problem is that I've been unable to find the correct firmware for this device on any zyxel site


  • Zyxel_Support_CPE
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    Hi leofante,

    In order to provide you with a better assistance, we contacted you through private message to get more information, please check your message box.

  • SEJ
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    The log seems come from internal serial port.
    I am just curious how you can get the internal serial log?