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I have a WAP3205 router which I've been using as an access point for over a year with no problem. It is now refusing to connect to any devices and I don't know how to fix it. I've tried plugging it into a completely unrelated router and it worked straight away so it's not a problem with the Wap3205. Any ideas what I can do to get it working again?


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  • lodiabai
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    Refusing the connection? Is the situation no possible to get the IP address from root router or fail to connect the WAP3205's SSID?
    For "plugging it into a completely unrelated router and it worked straight away", it seems that problem might the SSID can be connected, but client is no possible to get IP address from root router's DHCP server.
    You can check the root router and if there is the new firmware, then upgrade it and try again, also you can check WAP3205's firmware to make sure the firmware is latest version.
    If the problem is still exist, then you may need to reset them to try again.
  • kjk
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    Thanks Iodiabai,
    I have checked they both have the latest firmware versions and they have.
    I reset the WAP3205 and it was then possible to connect to it but there was No Internet.
    I then went to the Zyxel setup page for and went through the initial setup procedure as instructed and now it won't connect at all again and says Failed to obtain IP address.
    Any ideas would be greatly recieved, thanks.
  • lodiabai
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    Without WAP3205, can client obtain IP address from the router?
    Is your WAP3205 v2 or v3? And when did the problem start occurred? May? If your device is v3 and the latest version release at 2018/5, that I will suggest you downgrade to try again.
    But also is it possible that the router auto upgarde and behavior change, then got compatible problem with WAP3205?

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