PLA 4201switches off after 5-30min.

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New first setup  a pla - smart tv connection with the ethernet.
The pla connects the tv to the ethernet (ethernet and homeplug leds blinking green).
Hower, the pla 4201 which connects the smart tv apps with the ethernet, switches off after 5-30min.
This happens:
1 when the tv is switched off
2 when the tv is on in tv mode, no app for ethernet activated.
3 when the tv is on in smartfuction mode app for ethernet activated.

Why starts the pla doing his work, Indicating and making the ethernet connection,
 but all of a sudden it switches off after 5-30min.? The temp of the pla becomes 

Could it be power fluctuation?
Data exceeding band width ?
PLA capacity (500mbps) probleem?
Pla becomes quit warm, Temp related?

Hope sombody knows the problem cause and or can advise for a solution.

Kind Regards

Router Draytek Vigor 2132 FVn (glassfibre)
UTP cable cat 5e


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  • Mihawk
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    Maybe you can check the Ethernet connection at those moment you mentioned, does TV's Ethernet port is on or not, or you can check PLA's Ethernet port is lighting or not, if homeplug and Ethernet LED both are off, then I guess this is related to PLA's power saving.

    Following is the information from user manual:

  • pedro02
    pedro02 Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    Thank You Mihawk for your reply,

    I Know about the power saving mode how it works also from the user guide you refer to.
    In my problem case the pla swiches off completely (not to power save mode) after 5-30min, no leds are on or blinking.
     In the meantime i installed a straigh utp cable between router and tv (no more pla connection)
    and the problem is now solved.

    So the problem was pla and/or powerline related.
     I noticed that the pla becames pretty warm after a few minutes and also that the connection
    speed, transmit and recieve was not higher then +/-120Mbs instead of 500Mbs,.  
    I wonder when using another newer version of a pla the problem also would have happend?

    I would very much appreciate to get more info to understand the problem cause.
    This, to enable me to determine if i should buy a newer type of pla and which specifications it
    must have.

    Many thanks and looking forward to replies

  • Mihawk
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    Answer ✓
    Hi @pedro02
    I think there is not the new version for PLA4201 in Zyxel website, so the result I guess is no different.

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