Can the WAP3205 v2 connect to an open public wireless network?

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Also to connect to the public network with a wireless device you need to 'agree to the terms' in order to connect. I would like to create a private network inside a public network provided to residents of a condominium complex. If used in the Client mode do I need to connect a router to the WAP3205 or will the WAP3205 handle handing out IP address. Also if used in client mode will the antennas send and receive from the AC in the building as well as wireless devices in the private network?


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    If only extend Wi-Fi signal to cover the service area I think it is possible as WAP3205 v2 is the wi-fi extender, then use client mode, you need to connect to your router under WAP3205 v2 and enable the DHCP service to handle the IP address and NAT for creating a private environment.
    Then all data will be handling through WAP3205 v2's wireless to the public network.

    But key point is the public network type, if the public network require the login account and password such as radius server to reserve IP address, then can your router to enter the information as WAN setting and surf internet? If no, then the idea might be not workable.

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