Port forwarding issues with ZyXEL EMG3425-Q10A

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Hello. Thank you for viewing my post. After years of not playing, my cousin and I want to try out some minecraft again, and I've got a new router since the last time we played, because I switched ISPs. My old routers were very simple and i had no issues, however this one i follow the steps i find online, and the port is very clearly not open, so i'm doing something wrong. Not sure where i'm goofing up. 
Here is my port forward tab, i also saw something saying i need to turn firewall off, so i did that as well, and just to try to figure it out on my own, i put the port in port triggers as well. 


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  • MiMi
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    Port Forwarding and port Trigger are different 
    If you have a server behind the router and want to let client access it, you might just need to setup port forwarding without port trigger.
    Maybe you could share the purpose.
  • cwfowers
    I'm sorry to revive a dead thread here but I'm dealing with similar issues (minus the use of triggers). I think it's obvious what the use was that he has though... port forwarding a Minecraft server. I can understand why the lack of understanding for him would lead to playing with triggers. That aside has anyone else had the issue where setting up port forwarding rules seems to not work and have you found a fix?

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