VMG8823-B50B only one led blinking

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Hello All,
I got a problem with my router and the problem is that only one led is blinking and nothing is working as it should.
There is no way to access the router over the nw.
The LED is the first from left looking at the router.
I tried to reset the router pushing the restore button but nothing changed.
Any hints? 
Many many thanks and have a nice weekend!!!!
Best Regards!!



  • NeAl
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    Page 22 of the manual says that it should be blinking (green) when self testing, and blinking (red) if it's upgrading firmware.
    If it keeps blinking it seems stuck in a loop :(
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    Hi MRHausmann,

    What’s your firmware version in VMG8825-B50B ?

    Is internet/voip service block on device? Or it just have LED display problem?

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